Here you will find many Frequently Asked Questions we are asked along with answers. However, at anytime please feel free to Contact Us if you have further questions. We want you to know First Choice Frenchies is here for you from the beginning of choosing your puppy to questions you may have after taking your new French Bulldog puppy home.

A. We accept a $500 deposit to hold a puppy for you, and we will schedule an appointment with you to pick up your puppy, or have delivery scheduled for you. Or you are welcome to come visit and pick the puppy of your dreams without placing a prior deposit.

A. Our puppies eat Nutrisource Small/Medium Breed Puppy Kibble. (It is available on Amazon.)

A. Yes, we follow strict Vaccination/Deworming protocol for all our puppies.

A. Yes, all our puppies are microchipped prior to adoption and go to there forever homes with all their microchip registration info.

A. We offer delivery to anywhere in the U.S. Our puppies travel by van if it is ground delivery or with a flight Nanny for air travel. You’re welcome to wait to pay the final balance of your puppy until he/she arrives at your home if you choose ground delivery option. Puppies have to be paid in full before leaving our home if they are delivered via air travel.

A. We deliver anywhere along the east coast including Florida for $300. We can deliver to Western states for $400. Should you choose air travel via flight Nanny it will be an additional charge.

A. We encourage everyone to come visit and pick up your puppy. However, we will be glad to have him/her delivered to your home if you are unable to make the drive.

A. We accept credit card on our website for deposit. But encourage final payment be made with cash. Final payments made via credit card will have an additional 3% transaction fee.

A. Yes, all our puppies are AKC registered and will be adopted with AKC registration paperwork.

A. All our puppies are backed with a 1 year genetic health guaranteeing them to be free from genetic defects.

A. Yes, it is our pleasure to assist you with any questions you may have and encourage you to reach out if any issue arises.

A. Yes, we only raise top quality AKC French Bulldogs that receive around the clock care.

A. Remember your puppy is still a baby and will need plenty of rest. Please provide fresh water and food for the puppy. Puppy was used to eating Nutrisource Puppy Kibble and we encourage you to keep using the same brand to prevent too much change for the first few weeks.

A. We encourage you to keep a bowel of puppy kibble and fresh water out and available for your puppy to eat as he/she pleases. (This is what he/she was used to.)

A. We recommend Nutrisource or any other food with a chicken or pumpkin base.

A. Puppies leave our home with a sample of the puppy food they are eating. (Nutrisource Small/Medium Puppy Kibble.), Microchip enrollment info. (all our puppies are microchipped before adoption), AKC registration paperwork, and record of all the dewormer/vaccines they’ve had. (We will be glad to provide you with additional products if requested such as blanket with momma’s scent, etc.

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