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As you know, we work hard to properly prepare your puppy for life with you, going to great lengths to start them on the pathway that leads toward healthiness and happiness, which includes their very important starter training. In an effort for you to pick up right where we leave off, we strongly encourage you to consider purchasing the Lifetime membership from BAXTER & Bella, who provides the perfect ONLINE PUPPY SCHOOL to help you get ready, and support you throughout your lives together!

Their program helps provide a seamless transition from us to you, and is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you how to train. Not only will you learn the skills you need to be successful, but your puppy will learn the manners and behaviors they need for living life in a human world.

What’s more, the Lifetime Membership is designed for you to begin prior to picking up your puppy with their PREPARING FOR MY PUPPY Program, and that is followed by THE FIRST WEEK TOGETHER Program and so much more!

Check them out here: BAXTER & BELLA


Puppy Pre-Pickup Training Option

Would you like to have your puppy pre-trained before pickup? At First Choice Frenchies we have started offering this package for an additional fee to where your frenchie puppy is pre-trained before you pick him/her up! Please feel free to contact us for more info about our training programs as we have limited spots available for pre-training!

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